Registration and absenteeism approval process can prove to be a time-consuming task, in specific in specific for hierarchies with many employees. The Employee Portal allows you to manage all this information in a simplified way, with change history log and team aggregate view to make better decisions.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

Vacation Management

Based on the vacation balance available for each employee, you allow each employee make to record his vacation plan and start the flow of approval. Simplified holiday for registration annual calendar format (16 months (12 + 4 months N + 1) to have a global view of your plan. When necessary to start a vacation plan change process independently and submit approval, the Employee Portal comes to assign the approval task to your responsible. In the view approvingly, that has the ability to view common absenteeism periods before proceeding with the holiday plan approval of an employee, we provide the Team Map, where in addition to graphical view of the holiday plans of their employees, may also proceed with the approval / refusal of it or suggest alternative days to the employee asked for any approval process is simplified.

Plan Record

The Employee Portal generates the vacation for annual plan registration means that for every change request by the employee is created a new record entry, so that at any time can query previous versions of holiday plan for each employee.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real
Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

Holiday plans to register? Vacation days to spend?

You have a need to know who did not register the vacation plan, who have vacation days by consuming / register? All of these common needs of all organizations are available on the Employee Portal simply and smoothly.

Types of Absences

Besides the holiday record, it is possible that the employee can register a request for absence, with document attachment (s) justification (s). The Employee Portal will direct the request of absence for your line manager for approval, even before the Human Resources have any intervention in the process. After approval registration will take you to the HRD to follow-up the absence of registration with the type of absence set. The system assigns tasks as defined in the approval process, so that the HRD only have to intervene when necessary.

All information stored in a location with easy access change log and not lost in a mailbox.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real
Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

We simplify processes

With the implementation of the Employee Portal, not only simplify HR processes as facilitate other processes in the organization related to employees. An example of this added value is the fact that those responsible go to access additional information without having to contact the Human Resources, accessible directly on your access profile as:

  • Team employees who are on vacation or absent
  • Team holiday aggregate view - Team Map
    • Days consumed
    • Days to consume
    • Absences
  • Types of absences in your team
  • Elements with absences
  • Justifications for Absences

With the existing organization is important to remember a vacation period of an employee approaches, not only for self employed as for your hierarchical responsibility. Therefore, we provide not only notifications seven days before the next holiday period to remember this fact, as we indicate in the dashboard of each sides (employee and line manager view) a holiday period approaches.

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