This is a management solution designed to minimize time, accessible through any mobile device que Gives you reliable information to make Decisions.

Gestão de Férias

For the Company and Team Manager

  • Improving Internal Communication and consequently the integração integration between Company and Employees.
  • Simplification and improvement of administrative processes including the Department of Human Resources.
  • Decentralization of simple and common tasks, increasing in HR Responsible efficiency. .
  • Easy access to online information on the Register of the Employed, Attendance Management, Performance Evaluation, Training, and other information, creating a single source of information gathering.
  • Reliable management indicators of achievement.
  • Analysis dashboards with up-to-date information.
  • Possibility of team manager organize easily and directly and Retain the team the best resources.
  • Management tool enables rewarding performances and enhance skills.
  • Effective management of formative needs of team members.
  • Eficácia na gestão das necessidades formativas dos elementos da equipa.
  • Time and costs reduction.
  • Increase efficiency and improve team productivity.
  • It is essential tool for Promoting 'Empowerment', through decentralization of tasks que Become the responsibility of each collaborator itself, it Promotes the greater participation and is given greater autonomy and accountability, facilitating the management operations.
  • Honors the Organization for the effort to link its stakeholders and Facilitate the means of communication between all, serving as a facilitator of internal organizational culture, sharing corporative events and even suggestions for improvement.

To the employee:

  • The employee is responsible for his personal data and to notify the absence requests by absence, holidays and other information.
  • Online provision of relevant information to the Employee, such as receipts, annual statements and other documents. Flexibility to change / update data.
  • Convenience inherent in a 'self-service' solution that streamlines the delivery and collection of information at any point where you are.
  • Reduction time and journeys to provide information.
  • Easy to communicate with the HR Department and apply for various clarifications.
  • It is a record platform of their training needs.
  • Where you will be aware of the objectives set for its function and what skills you have to develop.
  • Increase the sense of belonging of the Employee in the Organization, especially, but not only, on structures with wide geographic dispersion, it is a vital communication link between the employee and his direct charge.
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