Forget the complexity of managing and analyzing a performance evaluation process on paper and see how it can be simple.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

O The Performance Assessment process need not be a nightmare

Centralized system that allows you to manage all Performance Evaluation survey setup process, actors in it, according to the criteria that best suit your organization, sometimes to understand. Autonomously without requiring advanced knowledge of Informatics.

See the history of archived files, analyze the performance of a particular department, function, employee or the organization as a whole. Not just to record information, but have ease of consultation and analysis of your data.

Inherent in this, start the process of Training Needs Collection and take the first step in defining their training plan.

Action plan? Setting Goals? Recommendations Compensation / Bonuses? An effective plan of Human Resources includes these fundamental aspects. Everything at your fingertips in the Employee Portal.

Provide the evaluation questionnaires smoothly

As with other modules of the Employee Portal, the Performance Assessment module uses shared components for the entire solution, including the definition of hierarchical structure. This component is actually the cornerstone of all the workflows available in the system, being based on its definition that the system consults the relevant actors to notify and assign tasks in the Performance Assessment process. This setting can speed up the configuration process of the stakeholders during the generation and allocation of Performance Evaluation questionnaires. Available including the possibility of setting different hierarchical structures (one per module) allowing you to have the flexibility that your organization needs.

Different departments have, in many cases, different dynamics, how about having a global view of your performance evaluation process should be with just one click, especially knowing that questionnaires have been completed or is still incomplete, so you can focus on cases you actually need.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real
Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

Defining evaluation templates

The Employee Portal offers you the flexibility to define multiple valuation models with different content according to your needs, whether the definition of a form is for the entire organization, by department, by function or, at most, per person or group of persons .

Take advantage of previous questionnaires settings through the Clone Template option, or templates that can be reused in the definition of new questionnaires, using the same or different evaluation criteria, numerical scale, free text, selection list or percentage. We know how important it is to preview this information before made public, so the option to "Preview“ is available to view the questionnaires used, not only in this module, but also in the Training Management module

Simple to use, large solution acceptance

Easy access to the solution, ease use and interpretation of the information are essential factors in the adoption of an information system, the more relevant when one of the available processes is related to the evaluation of critical mass of the Organization, give our making available screens easy to use, simplified navigation-oriented process that the user seeks to complete.

This being one of the processes based on the growth of any business, we provide a highly configurable solution that enables operationalize the various types of evaluation, from 360, self-assessment, management, 180 among others.

Knowledgeable resources with a clear vision of what tasks they have to perform, albeit with different responsibilities, contribute not only to an updated system with ease of access but also so that more evaluation processes are completed in a timely manner, a situation that all benefits.

Dados do Colaborador em Tempo Real

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