Collect the training needs in a simple way, plan the training to conduct, compare plan versions, simplify one of the Legal Obligations (Unique Report), all with the use of the Training Management module.

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Wipe out the misfits training courses

Not always the training selected and the definition of employees to participate in them is done in the best way, using spreadsheets and email which causes sometimes lengthy processes and susceptible to error. With the Training Management module not only the process of compiling training needs is carried out in a centralized way, be globally available to the organization or Departments / Areas in specific, as it has full control over the already answered questionnaires or answer. Based on Training Needs collection still has the ability to accelerate the creation of the Training Plan, to generate Training Courses to be held and a waiting list of trainees to enroll.

Training Plan General Overview

It offers training schedule to all members of the Organization and always keep them updated with the actions and contents of the available formations. Support the definition of modules with different schedules and multi-trainer for the interested parties have all the available information when deciding to participate in training.

Due to the typical dynamics of the business world these days, changes or adjustments to the training plan are a reality, nevertheless allow compare different versions of the training plan, so you have a full awareness of Planned Vs Held.

Overview Geral do Plano de Formação
Avaliação da Acção de Formação e Eficácia da Formação

Evaluation of Training Course and its effectiveness

Employee Portal allows the collection of information on the implementation of certain Training Course as well as its overall analysis through fully configurable surveys by themselves according to the criteria it considers relevant. The definition of surveys is carried out through surveys engine available in the system. Thus after conducting a training session is able to automatically provide an individual response of Inquiry attributed to each of the students to collect its assessment of the training course, on the other hand and in order to ensure that the organization is bet in the correct courses, it is available to each of the hierarchical responsible learners an inquiry for collecting the effectiveness of training. The availability of these surveys is configurable and defined by the training manager.

Dashboards, reports and more dashboards

The purpose of implementation of the system not only passes by the organization, centralization of information but it proves one point analysis that supports decision-making processes. In this sense Dashboards provide contextualized "out-off-the-box" by:

  • Course - Learn how many shares held by course, hours of training, its participants, trainers, suppliers and costs incurred waiting list for future opportunities
  • Plan - Overview of the implementation of the training plan, actions planned, in progress, not carried out, completed, waiting list, nº of trainees, costs

CIf not enough provide the ability to extract information to spreadsheet format for which its own analysis, however provide a basis a set of analyzes / reports improved over the years that pass by:

  • Annual balance sheet activities
  • Rating Action
  • Other reports:
    • Statement of participation
    • List of trainees per share
    • Training needs list
    • Individual record of training received
    • Waiting list
Dashboards, relatórios e mais dashboards

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